Ducted A/C Systems


Installing a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system in your home or workplace allows you to enjoy climate controlled comfort all year round, and it comes with the added bonus of increasing the value of your home in the long term. A ducted air-conditioning system can be installed in new or existing home. 


Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning consists of an outside unit called a compressor and an inside unit placed within the roof. This internal unit is connected to a series of outlets (different types pictured below) within the house via ductwork. Depending on the climate function chosen warmed or cooled air is pumped to all rooms that have an outlet. Ducted air-conditioning can also be designed to work in one, two or more zones. This means that you can select a particular area to be air-conditioned such as the living areas in the day time, separate from the bedrooms which require heating or cooling at night. This as well as its inverter feature enables you to significantly save on your energy cost.